First Hooligan Deported from Brazilian World Cup

  1. The first hooligan has been sent packing and deported from Brazil prior to the 2014 World Cup. However, one must wonder how the 45-year-old native of Argentina was allowed to leave his homeland in the first place. The man landed in Brazil on June 9 at about 9am and was deported back to Argentina 13 hours later.

    The Argentine media reported that his name is Daniel Atardo and he is on the nation’s list of banned fans in his homeland due to his involvement in football violence. Argentine authorities provided their Brazilian counterparts with names of hooligans who have been blacklisted. There are apparently over 2,000 names of violent offenders on the list who are members of barras bravas fan clubs.

    Federal Police said Atardo landed at Guarulhos international airport and told the press, “It was the first case we had so far.” Brazilian World Cup organizers are expecting about 50,000 Argentine fans to cross the border to attend the tournament with most of them driving across or coming by bus. Security forces are attempting to keep Argentine barras bravas out of their country because of their history for violence.

    Atardo, who is associated with the Rosario Central Fan Club, was reportedly accompanied on his journey to Brazil by a woman who isn’t on the blacklist. Police said he was attempting to travel to Rio de Janeiro. But if the Argentine authorities have Atardo’s name on their list it’s obvious that somebody failed to do their job as he was allowed to board a flight in the first place. This just makes more work for Brazilian security forces, who already have their hands full.   

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