"No, I'm Not Going to the WC." - Brazil's Darkside

by Matthew Suarez on Jun.18.2013
  1. Carla Dauden, a Brazilian director living in the city of Los Angeles released this Youtube clip that got more than half a million views in less than 24 hours and is still rising. There's been many protests in Brazil over the big cash being spent by the government for the upcoming World Cup and Olympics. In a short six minute video she tries to encompass everything that is going on her native country and urges to share the video and the twitter hashtag #changebrazil and expose the reality of an impoverished developing Latin America country that is Brazil. Just how the Olympics in China brought much injustice to their own citizens, Brazil is doing the same and hiding the fact that there are too many issues in the country today, as Carla puts it "they are putting the dirt under the rug." 
  2. The video mentions the most important issues the country has, millions of people that go hungry everyday, people getting kicked out of their homes to make space for tourists, the lack of doctors and infrastructure, the public protests for the rise of public transportation, and many other things a country should take care off before hosting the World Cup and the Olympics. Soccer, though a beautiful game as it is, can have is dark side. It's no secret that FIFA has had trouble with corruption in the past and is most likely still going on today. The World Cup will only make richer the people that already have money, while bringing just temporary joy for those in middle class or lower, but it's a joy that won't last and might have devastating after effects for a struggling developing country. 
  3. However, do not let this discourage you if you had plans of going to Brazil. Flying all the way over there to support your national team and hopefully watch them win has to be one of the best feelings ever. Yet you should be aware of what goes on in the country you are about to visit and should try to help the little guy. It will be cheaper and more fun to stay with locals instead of major hotels. Try pages like couchsurfing.org to find people that will be willing to host you for free or the right small fee. Eat locally, support the smaller communities, small help and deviating the cash flow from the big corporations are things that you can do to make a struggling democracy a tad better. There are many more things that you can do to help Brazil, but the smallest thing you can do that can be of great help is share her video and share all the information of the protests in Brazil and the injustices that they are living daily. If you are going to Brazil, please enjoy yourself as it is a great country, but get to know the real Brazil, the dirt under the rug, the local people that need a helping hand and not just give your money to those who already have plenty. 

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