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REFCAM a gopro camera is mounted on a ref's head on a rugby match.
Referee Camera: FIFA Should Implement This Idea

FIFA should give the spectator the same view that the referee has, its the only way we could ever forgive bad referee decisions. It would also really help weed out corrupted referees that call whatever they want. We have the technology to put cameras everywhere, even on each player if we liked, but lets start with the referees. A Rugby referee tried this technology out with amazing results. Not only do we get a new perspective on the field, but we also get amazing clear images close to the action. A GoPro camera was mounted on the referee's head and the results are fascinating. Check out the video below:
Why hasn't this been done before?! 
Mounting a camera on a referee would give us a way better perspective of their view and it would help us understand their decision making. We have had this technology for a couple of years now, and with Google Glasses on its way, they should implement this on soccer. Hell, they should implement this in every sport! We often complain about referees, though we have no idea what exactly they are looking at or what their field of vision is. Its easy to judge a play when you are on the stands, its even easier when you are watching the game on TV with mutliple replays and different angles, but when you are on the field the decisions do not come that easy. Referees make decisions on the spot with no hesitation, then we criticize their decisions after viewing a couple of replays. This is not fair for a profession that is hated by everyone, this technology could change the way we look at refereeing. 

What if we had the angle that Cuneyt Cakir (Turkish referee that sent out Nani) had? Would the audience be more understanding about his decision? Maybe the angle that he had Nani's kick looked way more aggressive compared to what the fans saw in the stadium or the ones that were sitting comfortably at home. The referee gets the worst from fans and players alike, they are hated by everyone. This technology will help us be more understanding of their perspective and hopefully the refs could gain a bit more respect from this. It will help us understand all the penalties that have been or have not been called.
Other sports are most likely soon to follow, do you think this will be implemented in soccer?

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