It's Serious! Fanny Gets Tattoo for Balotelli

by Olivia Bennett on Apr.16.2013
  1. Fanny Neguesha has made a case to earn the WAG d' Or award this year. Her romantic involvement with striker Mario Balotelli is constantly making noise in the news at least every other week. Props to her for bearing with a character like Balo and loving the man despite his unaesthetic looks. Balotelli himself has also given her credit for his impressive start at AC Milan with 7 goals in 8 games.

    The Belgian model made the news this time after sharing a couple of pictures of her new tattoo on Instagram. But, what is the big fuzz over her new tattoo? Well, take a closer look and try to figure it out yourself. There is a scripture on her left arm which reads: Your love is the only thing that make me love, Balotelli.

    Another picture was taken from further of Fanny, Balotelli, and the tattoo artist. In the image we can see that Balotelli has some particular sense of fashion, wearing a super wide neck tee and a pair of funky pants.

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