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Stache It Up Hérculez!

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Stache It Up Hérculez! by Olivia Bennett
  1. The hashtag #MeDejoElBigoteComoHerculez, which translates to, 'I let my mustache grow like Hérculez' has become a trending topic on Twitter. Santos Laguna fans are imitating the Mexican-American letting their stache grow, while others have been spotted on the stands wearing fake mustaches. Even the owner of Santos Laguna has posted a picture of himself on Twitter to support the Hérculez mustache revolution. The style of his mustache does not seem to attempt reaching the sexy levels of legendary mustaches such as the one that made Burt Reynolds famous, instead, his appears to be a tribute to the heroes of the Mexican Revolution.

    Sexy or not, his mustache has become a popular trend, and Hérculez deserves credit for reaching out to the fans like that. In honor of all soccer stars who sported a mustache before Hérculez Gómez, here is a deck with the most iconic staches in soccer history. If any famous ones are missing, please add them on the comment box.
  2. Let the deck begin!
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