When Tweeting About the World Cup Goes Wrong

by Andres Rocha on Jun.17.2014
  1. On Monday all of the United States was proudly celebrating the World Cup win over Ghana and many of the big companies in the country wanted to get on board the World Cup train to congratulate the boys fighting for recognition in Brazil. Unfortunately some make mistakes when looking for shares and retweets, like Delta Airlines who tweeted this image.

  2. Many of the readers may not notice the hiccup, but if you look for giraffes in Ghana you'll know that there aren't any, which makes the message a bad example of generalization about Africa. They might as well reenact a scene from the Lion King. 

    After followers started responding to the airline, they realized the mistake and apologized for the tweet, but unfortunately the Internet never forgets.

  3. And of course once something goes viral, humor makes its way into the mix.

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