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USMNT Controversy Shows US Still Doesn't Get It!

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USMNT Controversy Shows US Still Doesn't Get It! by Bill Dailey
  1. Soccer Fans across the US have begged for and sought out better sports coverage of our favorite sport. After this week's fall-out from the Sporting News Article, I just want them to go away! Why? The media, commentators, and especially "comment posters" show how much change is still needed in US soccer, from the ground up. 

    I will say I too, have questioned "Grinsi" Klinsi's decisions (most notably his decision to go with Lehmann instead of Kahn in WC 2006 - even though I get why HE made that decision), but we need to put things in the perspective of the soccering world!

    Let's take a look at the criticisms by anonymous players, journalists, and others and show why they are off base and detrimental to the US moving forward in the game from youth to National Team...
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