Ref Had to Carry a Dirty Diaper Off the Field

by Chunky Ref on Sep.07.2013
  1. This edition of the Peruvian tournament has given us a lot to talk about with all the bizarre events that have taken place in the past couple of months. We've seen a coach choke a referee, a goalie commit the silliest of bloopers, and an own goal that no one will ever understand. But things could not have turned more ridiculous after what happened in a league game between Real Garcilaso and Alianza Lima.

    Garcilaso fans will now be known as the dirtiest in the world after they threw a dirty diaper into the field attempting to hit Alianza's goalie. And by dirty diaper we mean it had baby fecal matter inside of it.

    Who had it worst, was the referee of the match who was responsible of picking up the diaper and carry it off to the sidelines for the authorities to inspect. Soon babies won't be allowed into soccer matches because their diapers apparently can be turned into harmful projectiles.

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