Cannabis Cup's 8 Golden Rules

by Chunky Ref on Apr.20.2013
  1. In the eve of the first ever Cannabis Cup, we must review the 8 rules of this game in its inaugural edition. If the players and the fans follow the guidelines of proper 4/20 etiquette, then we are up for a memorable Cannabis Cup.

    Rule #1
    The fans must set the atmosphere. It is their responsibility to hotbox the entire stadium and prepare the mood for a jolly match. 
  2. Rule #2
    For this occasion only, the game will be played with a ball that has Bob Marley's image printed on it. Teams will be required to wear a 4/20 commemorative patch, and the refs will have to sport rasta-beanies with fake dreadlocks. Also, instead of yellow & red cards, the ref will be handing off  2 minute 'hit timeout cards' for players needing to fly higher.

    Rule #3
    As soon as the game starts, each coach has just a couple of minutes to roll a fat blunt and pass it to his players for the 4:20 break in the first half. This will occur approximately in the 20th minute of the match if the game starts at its expected kick-off time of 4 pm MT.
  3. Rule #4
    Being the home team, the Colorado Rapids must provide both locker rooms with a buffet of munchies, only this can guarantee that the players will return to the field in the 2nd half free of munchies anxiety.
  4. Rule #5
    If the game results in a tie, both teams will choose 5 players to roll 5 blunts, which ever team finishes first, takes the Cannabis Cup home. Each blunt must be rolled to perfection, any deformed blunts will be rejected and will count as a missed rolled attempt.
  5. Rule #6
    Goals will only be allowed if they are followed by spirited dancing or any other type of celebration that will propel the crowd to laugh. Examples of proper celebrating are found below.
  6. Rule #7
    Players must engage in friendly post-match activities to promote fair play. Trading jerseys is the trademark ritual to start this fraternal mingling.
  7. Rule #8
    Players must not take part on any type of violent interaction. Any uncomfortable encounter must be followed by a positive reaction. Everyone must assume a joyful attitude at all times. Absolutely no fighting is allowed at least on this day and in this particular match. Play for fun for once.

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