World's Hottest Referee

by Chunky Ref on Oct.12.2013
  1. In Serbia, a linesman, or should we say, a lineswoman, by the name of Aleksandra Milojevic has caught the eye of soccer fans for her evident beauty.

    Having this gorgeous woman running up and down the line can be distracting for fans who once in a while will miss their team's goal for starring at Milojevic instead of watching the game. While Milojevic must keep an eye on the last defender, it is the fans who have their hungry eyes set on the beautiful lineswoman for the entire 90 minutes.

    Forget paying for a ticket to watch your favorite team play, fans in Serbia now have extra motivation to go to the stadium. And while linesmen are typically subject to booing when they make a mistake, this lineswoman can surely make all the wrong calls and still get all the love from the fans when the final whistle blows.

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