Cameroon Don't Want Me To Score - Samuel Eto'o

by Daniel Meade on Nov.17.2013
  1. According to popular sports magazine Goal, the Chelsea forward believes that some of his Cameroon teammates actively chose to not help him score during the first leg of the World Cup playoff game against Tunisia.

    "It's true and regrettable," Eto'o told the press, "and when you watched me retreating to the midfield to chase the ball, it's because I heard of the plot. Football is a collective sport. You are obliged to pass the ball even to your worst enemy, especially when he is in a good position to receive it."

    What's more, the 32 year old superstar claims to have known about this tactic before the game which ended 0-0, believing that he has to now do more work to get on the ball deep, rather than play is more favored and dangerous position alongside the last defender.

    Cameroon manager swiftly dismissed Eto'o's somewhat outlandish and worrying claims, stating that he didn't agree and couldn't tell what his star player was talking about.

    "I didn't see anything of such a nature during that match," the German declared. "Each of you can go and watch the video once more. I have watched it over again for about six to seven times. I never noticed any time when a player refused to pass the ball to Eto'o or any other player.

    "There could be some issues between the players but nobody refused to kick the ball to Eto'o during that encounter. To me it sounds much like a kindergarten talk."

    The second leg of the playoff ended with Cameroon booking their place in Brazil 2014 with a final score of 4-1. Not one single goal came from Eto'o's boots, so don't be surprised if you see hear him speak up again on the matter

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