Coca Cola Ad Recreates the Most Famous World Cup Celebration

by David Flores on Mar.28.2014
  1. The moving two-minute video by Coca-Cola retells the historic 'Soul Embrace' between Ubaldo 'Pato' Fillol, Alberto Tarantini and a plucky Argentinian by the name of Victor D'Aquila in the celebration after the final whistle of Argentina's historic 3-1 victory over the Netherlands in the 1978 FIFA World Cup.

  2. D'Aquila who lost his arms in a tragic accident at the age of 12, managed to jump into the field after the final whistle to join his national heroes in a much deserved celebration, when he came across Tarantini whose knees gave out as he thanked the heavens for the glorious achievement.  'El Pato' Fillol got down to join him in jubilation.

    The young Victor stopped his run and even though he couldn't physically hug them, he was there with them sharing a moment that was captured by photographer Ricardo Osvaldo Alfieri.

    Alfieri's pictures traveled through Argentina as fast as the final score. The picture was perfect, it captured the feelings of a whole nation.

    Times were rough back then, and the World Cup was a much needed motivation to move forward together as a solid nation despite the iron rule of a military junta. D'Aquila's loving embrace was a metaphor that all of Argentina was behind its players. An embrace from far away, an embrace without arms, but an embrace nonetheless. 

    Coca-Cola, reunites the three protagonists of that picture once more, this time with a special guest that you just have to see.

    If every piece of World Cup marketing is as moving as this, we are in for a summer of emotion and passion even if the aim is to sell us products.

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