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American comedian and cultural icon Conan O 'Brien, got himself in trouble after publishing a message on Twitter about Brazil and the World Cup
Conan O'Brien's Tweet About Brazil Causes Social Media Uproar
Conan O'Brien at SXSW for the premiere of 'Conan O"Brien Can't Stop"

American comedian and cultural icon Conan O 'Brien, better known for his late-night television show 'Conan', has gained popularity with his irreverent take-no-prisoners style, that pushes the boundaries of American morality. His acute and comical perceptions on popular culture, challenge society's preconceived concepts of right and wrong, in a facetious and inclusive environment.

However, when your comedic abilities rely solely on self-deprecating gimmicks and shock value, it should come to no surprise that America's favorite redhead would eventually slip, and make a comment that reflects a socially crass civilization that has been alienated and jaded through a force fed diet of execrable and manipulative television, for nefarious reasons.

O'Brian's thick-skinned comment above about the warm South American nation caused quite a stir between his eclectic following. Some of the crowd that follows this modern day court jester, heralded the late night idol as a leader of public opinion who is 'not afraid to speak his mind' and can come to grips with the uncomfortable 'truth' that 'whiny liberals' love to ignore so they can keep pushing their unreal idealistic agenda. 

Fortunately, there are still people out there who are appalled by bigotry and are not afraid to call out power figures on their drivel. 

Here are some tweets from some congruent and objective individuals, that have not yielded against these types of conniving messages that debases communities.

This one was actually funny.

It's worth mentioning that Conan was approached with respect by those who disagree with his views, that's more reverence than this humorist deserves, but that's a conversation for a different time.

Brazil is currently hosting the 2014 FIFA World Cup, and while the country has stumbled over many social obstacles in their mission to celebrate one of the world's most culturally plural events (if not the most). The tournament has run in near clockwork perfection. The issues that have arise since the organization of the World Cup, have all been contemplated before they happened and dealt in a matter that would have been no different from the American (or any other country for that matter) way. 

One could argue that Brazil is not equipped to host such an event, and there are many things going on in the Amazonian country to back this up, but brutalizing a whole culture (like football) and its people just to get a chuckle out of his audience who he takes for granted by taking advantage of their nobility and ignorance, is not only detestable, but greatly irresponsible coming from a public figure.

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