Report: ESPN's Jorge Ramos Claims FIFA Considering USA 2022 World Cup

by David Flores on Jun.12.2014
  1. Latin American ESPN reporter, Jorge Ramos, announced via his TV show Twitter account, that FIFA advised U.S. Soccer to get their organization committee on their toes for the likely case that the football federation revokes Qatar's 2022 World Cup that was granted to the gas-rich country back in 2010.

  2. BREAKING NEWS: #FIFA advised #USA to have their organization committee ready for 2022, in case there is no #WorldCup in #Qatar. Final decision will take place in September/October 

  3. 'Jorge Ramos y su Banda' are known for their inside knowledge, that they acquire through deep connections with various football governing bodies employees. The Latin reporters, where the first to report that the 'Copa America Centenario' would take place in the U.S.A in 2016.

    So, rejoice folks! there is a good chance that we will be enjoying another World Cup this side of the pond sooner than later! Keep your fingers crossed!

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