Richard Swanson: The Soccer Pilgrim

by David Flores on May.13.2013
  1. Richard Swanson is a 42 year old graphic designer and soccer avid from Seattle, Washington, and on May 1st he embarked on the journey of a lifetime as he's currently dribbling a One World Futbol from the Pacific Northwest all the way to Sao Paulo, Brazil. 

    His plans involve visiting 11 countries before arriving to Sao Paulo just in time for the 2014 World Cup. In the video below he explains his reasons as to why he's embarking on this epic journey.
  2. You can follow this inspiring story on his social media sites and official website where you can help Swanson out by donating to his cause through Paypal, or contact him and offer him a couch to crash the night when he hits your city.

    Today Swanson experienced his first rainy day on his way to Lincoln City, Oregon. 

    There is something very "Tolkien-ish" about all this that really excites me. 
  3. Hope he finds his journey pleasant and endearing and we wish him all the luck in the world!

    Forza Swanson!

    The image used as cover is credited to Bill Wagner of The Daily News

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