Uruguay Qualify to Round of 16 at Italy's Expense

by David Flores on Jun.24.2014
  1. Uruguay  qualified into the Round of 16 in second place of Group D, after a bellicose match against Italy who they defeated 1-0, in what was one of the most execrable games in World Cup history.

    It was a very complicated match for both teams, with tensions running high between these two titans. The inveterate fouls jammed the irksome match and condemned it to boring set plays that amounted to nothing.

    Mario Balotelli, who was getting frustrated on the 'Charrua' defense, started throwing kicks left and right, his impetuous and calamitous display of poor sportsmanship reached its boiling point at minute 22 when Mexican referee Marco Antonio Rodriguez, booked the Italian striker with a cautionary card, after committing 3 fouls in 2 minutes. There wasn't a particular violent foul, but the continuity of dirty playing, was enough for the ref to sanction Mario, hoping that this way, the match could resume in a faster way.

    This of course didn't happen.

    The only dangerous play we saw in the first half, came from Uruguay, when Luis Suarez flanked the penalty box from the left where he faced Italy's legendary goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon, who managed to palm away Suarez's effort into Nicolas Lodeiro who curled the rebound back into Buffon's hands.

    The second half was even more bizarre than the first. 

    On minute 57 Marchisio earned himself a straight red card after a premeditated and treachery kick on Arevalo Rios, right in front of the referee. The cynical display of unnecessary violence gave Marco Antonio Rodriguez no other choice but to pull out a sorry but just red card on the midfielder. 

    Diego Godin opened the score with 9 minutes left to go on the match, after heading home a corner kick. This devastated the Italians who were hanging on to that draw in order to qualify to the next round. It's worth nothing that just moments before the corner kick took place, Luis Suarez usual shenanigans made an appearance when he took a bite out of Giorgio Chiellini inside his own penalty box, when the defender was marking the Liverpool striker. Chiellini even showed the bite marks on his shoulder to the referee, but there was little that Marco Antonio Rodriguez could do, since it was an isolated incident that he was not paying attention to, because the ball was in play somewhere else. FIFA will probably have something to say on that matter. 

    Uruguay will face the first place of Group C that will most likely be Colombia, on July 28 at the legendary Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro.

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