Herrera reveals his chat with Corona

by Daniel Morales on Jul.21.2014
  1. Tension has been growing between El Tri manager, Miguel Herrera, and former number one keeper for the national team, Jesus Corona, after Herrera revealed Corona questioned his decision to select Guillermo Ochoa as the World Cup starter.

    During a television interview Herrera spilled the beans of how Corona was frustrated at the decision and vented his frustrations in a conversation with Herrera. According to Herrera, Corona wanted to know what more could he have done and was told that he and Ochoa were at the same level, but that Herrera found Ochoa to be in a calmer state.

    This was, however, not what caught the headlines. What did was when Herrera said that Corona asked “Habia una llamada”, meaning if there was influence from a higher authority (Televisa, sponsors,etc) to input Ochoa as the starter.

    If Corona's remark had any truth, Ochoa probably would not have sat on the bench in the 2010 World Cup behind 38- year-old Oscar Perez.

    Although some would view this as violating the “locker room code”, which Corona recently claimed to the Mexican media after the home loss to Pachuca on Saturday, it really comes to no surprise that this type of conversation happened to anyone who has followed Corona’s career on and off the field. Corona has past transgressions that can be attributed to his temperament, which some view as uncontrollable. With this new revelation, unfortunately for Corona, it puts another black stain on his already tarnished career, in terms of his behavior.

    After his bar fight before the South Africa 2010, in which he said his cousin punched a man, he later confessed that it was actually him and promised to change. Fast forward about a year later and television cameras catch him head-butt one of Morelia’s assistants in the face. He quickly issued a public apology on television and promised to change, again.

    Football purists may find the behavior of Herrera unacceptable for revealing “in-house” conversations and breaking the trust of a player, which is a valid argument. But consider why would Corona ask such a question in the first place? Perhaps it's due to losing out to Ochoa once again in a pivotal moment in his career, the first time being in the 2005 Clausura final. That particular thinking is something one would find in the comments section in almost any Ochoa related article.

    Not only does that question disrespect the manger’s professionalism, but also disrespects the amount of work Ochoa had to put in to finally get an opportunity to demonstrate to the world what he is capable of.

    If what Herrera revealed is true, which appears to be judging by Corona’s reaction, makes Corona look immature and petulant as if to say that it is unbelievable that he had lost his spot to the former Club America shot stopper.

    In all honesty, Corona let his guard down and felt as if his position was secured already. That is until you make critical mistakes on and off the field.

    He has now told the media that he does not know if he will return to the national team. 

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