Rafinha Banned Three Games  - for Scratching

by Christian Grieb on Apr.14.2014
  1. It appears for the most part, Rafinha's Bundesliga season will be over with Bayern. While the game was dying, he foolishly grabbed a hold of Borussia Dortmund's Henrikh Mkhitaryan's face and dug his nails into his cheek. The Brazilian right-back seemed to get a bit unnerved at the lashing Dortmund had delivered to Bayern, and in the 91st minute Rafinha let his emotions get the better of him. 

    After a somewhat suspect tackle on Mkhitaryan, the Dortmunder jumped back to his feet to take exception to the foul. It appeared that was a bit of a verbal spat going on, and then Rafinha pounced in digging his hand into Mkhitaryan's face. Bayern sporting director Matthias Sammer decided to make light of the situation:

    "I'm not sure if he had a little extra lotion on his face, and wanted to give some of it away to him (Mkhitaryan)." Sammer did go on saying, "We accept the red card.  At 91 minutes, though, the game is over. If I'm an official, I would walk over and say 'Rafa, that's usually a red.' Then I would have shown the yellow." 

    Sammer's tongue-in-cheek comments didn't seem to convince the DFB much, as they handed down a hearty ban of 3 matches that will keep Rafinha out of Bundesliga action for most of the remaining 4 games left of this season. Bayern are now without a win in three matches in the league, losing to Augsburg and Dortmund, and drawing against Hoffenheim. 

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