Memo Ochoa to Start in Goal vs Cameroon

by José E Morales on Jun.09.2014
  1. Sources at ESPN and Fox, have stated that Guillermo Ochoa has been tipped to start at goal for Mexico's opening group match vs Cameroon on Friday.

    This past Sunday, Coach Miguel Herrera stated that he would decide that evening who would lead Mexico under the goalposts. The heated battle between Corona and Ochoa has been a very hot topic among fans and media alike.

    Ochoa has been unfortunate to have been on the bench for Mexico's past 2 world cups. One could claim he was very hard done by Javier Aguirre in the 2010 World Cup. Aguirre favored a then 42-year-old Oscar Perez over the younger, taller and more agile Memo Ochoa. It's worth noting that Perez was without a club team while leading Mexico in South Africa.

    The decision has not been officially stated by Herrera, but he should be releasing it soon via his social media accounts.  

    Herrera was quick to point out that while Ochoa had much better shot blocking ability, Corona was better with his feet. Unfortunately for Corona, stopping shots is something a goal keeper has to do very often.

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