Luis Montes Seriously Injured; World Cup at Risk 

by Jonny Rico on May.31.2014
  1. Leon midfielder Luis Montes had to be stretchered off the field during Mexico's World Cup preparation match against Ecuador minutes after opening the score. Montes and Ecuador's Segundo Castillo crashed into each other in a 50/50 challenge. 

    Mexican players quickly surrounded Montes and asked the sidelines for quick medical attention and a substitution. Players on the field and bench all looked in shock and extremely worried for their teammate. Replays showed that after the crash into Ecuador's Castillo; Montes' ankle showed signs of a fracture. 

    Univision Deportes field reporter Ana Katia Hernandez had a brief communication with one of the team doctors. She asked "if it was indeed a fracture" to which the doctor replied to her "It looks like it." 

    If this worst case scenario is confirmed than Montes will likely be missing out in the World Cup which is set to begin in 12 days time. 

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