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The cruise liner MSC Divina was traveling the northeastern waters of Brazil after having made a stop in the city of Fortaleza. A young Mexican man fell over-board from the 15th story of the ship (over 150 feet).
Mexican Fan Missing after throwing himself overboard from a Cruise 
MSC Divina

young Mexican man fell overboard from the 15th story (over 150 feet) of the MSC Divina cruise liner while at sea after a stop in the port city of Fortaleza. Mexico played its second World Cup at the north-eastern city against Brazil on Tuesday. 

The Mexican consulate in Rio di Janeiro confirmed the report with a letter that stated: “A Mexican citizen traveling on board the cruise ship MSC Divina fell overboard after the ship sailed from the city of Fortaleza in the north of Brazil on its way to the port city of Recife.”

The letter went on to say that local Brazilian search and rescue teams took over the task of searching for the man.

“Brazilian navy rescue teams are searching the area on speedboats where it is presumed the Mexican citizen hit the water.”

A mobile Mexican consulate that travels with the cruise to be on hand in case of any incident is said to be in constant communication with local authorities to resolve the case.

"It’s really sad. In that moment the Spain match against Chile was on” said Felipe de los Cobos who recounted what he witnessed to CNN Mexico.

“The alarm sounded three times and then they announced that a man had gone overboard… they deployed search boats and about an hour later the captain made the announcement [that the passenger was missing]”

The cruise is carrying about 3,500 passengers, all of which are fans of "El Tri" who bought a cruise travel plan that included tickets for some of Mexco's World Cup games.

We will keep updating this story as information becomes available.


June 19th 

The tour agency  Group Mundomex which hired the MSC Divina published an official press release claiming that the man who is missing jumped from the 15th floor of the ship "by his own will". 

The MSC Divina will continue with their regularly scheduled itinerary. 

"Continuing the communication release from yesterday we inform that the missing passenger is Jorge Alberto Lopez Amores. According to the official reports and witness testimony from four other passengers, the man (Jorge Lopez) jumped from the 15th floor of the ship by his own will on June 18th at about 5:00pm. The search and rescue operations are being handled by the Brazilian Coast Guard. 

According to the itinerary the ship is now in the port of Recife  and will continue the regularly scheduled operations for which the passengers have contracted us for. 

In case of any new developments we will maintain you informed." 


Source: CNN Mexico
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