Miguel Herrera Confirms Mexico Lineup Against Portugal

by Jonny Rico on Jun.05.2014
  1. Mexican National Team manager Miguel "Piojo" Herrera always said that by the time the fourth and final World Cup preparation match came around he would have 90-95% of his World Cup starting lineup all sorted. The eleven players that take the field against Portugal are the most likely starters that will take the field on June 13th against Cameroon in the opening match of the World Cup. 

    In Thursday afternoon's press conference Herrera was reluctant to announce the lineup in the manner in which he usually does. He opened up the press conference saying "Ask the Bosnia coach for the starting lineup"as a way of showing he was still pretty upset at the fact that Bosnia changed their announced lineup minutes before their match on Tuesday night. 

    He added "What good is it if I give you the lineup now if I can just go back and change it like the Bosnians." 

    The manager was also upset at two other factors; the fact that it was him who got beaten up by the press for calling out the Bosnians for what they did, and the fact that (he believes) a member of the press went and drew a picture of a pig in the team locker room. 

    Journalist in the press conference asked for forgiveness and almost begged for "Piojo" to confirm the lineup against Portugal; which he finally did. 

    These are the eleven Mexican players that will face Portugal and possibly Cameroon:

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