Sounders days behind him, Mauro Rosales glad to remain in MLS

by Jose Romero on Feb.27.2014
  1. Mauro Rosales looked the same but different wearing a sharp-looking red Chivas USA cap and red warm-up top as he watched his new teammates in preseason action against the Colorado Rapids at the Desert Diamond Cup. 

    Three years with the Seattle Sounders gave him pause, even as he spoke of looking forward to helping lead the Goats to better fortunes in 2014. 

    "It's part of the rules," Rosales said of being traded to Chivas two months ago.

    "One doesn't have many options and you have to respect that. I'm happy to continue on in MLS, happy for this offer to help this team along in its new process in this new season, what we're trying to do is be a competitive team that works hard.

    A new season brings a new chapter and we've constructed a team we think can have a good year." Rosales added. 

    Rosales also said he greatly appreciated the rapport he built with Sounders fans in his time there. A playmaking midfielder with a knack for goals and assists and a keen ability on free kicks, Rosales was a big fan favorite among the Seattle supporters. 

    "Once the fans in California get used to seeing me out there defending the colors, they'll support me the way Sounders fans did, That's really positive.

    "What I did with Seattle went really well and I hope for the same with Chivas. They'll get the best from me. I'm always grateful for the support, especially for players like me from another country. I'm always trying to find something more to give them. I send the Sounders fans a big embrace and thank them for the affection they gave me in those three years."

    The fun and passion Rosales displayed on the field endeared him to Sounders fans.  

  2. In Southern California, he'll be asked to provide veteran leadership and offense for a club that lacked scoring last season. Rosales is glad that Chivas USA showed faith in him to acquire him and knows there is much work to be done to make one of the league's lowest achieving franchises better. 

    That's only part of the deal with Chivas the club has new ownership and new executives to go with a revamped roster. Rosales said that won't be a distraction for the team. 

    "Really for us, the most important thing is we just have to prepare for games and the season and get our work done on the field," Rosales said. 

    "We can't worry about what's happening around us. Our mission is to play soccer." Rosales concluded.

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