Castillo To Have Further Testing On Injured Knee In Miami 

by Juan Arango on Jun.01.2014
  1. There was a great deal of confusion in Ecuador in regards to Segundo Castillo's knee injury. The press there made official the fact that the Castillo's injury indeed was a torn completely as per Cancha Ecuador and that the official statement would say this information.  Well, if that is the case, then we will have to wait a few more days. 

    The Ecuadorian team doctor currently traveling with the team, Héctor Bohórquez revealed the official statement that divulged that Castillo will undergo a battery of tests, including an MRI on Monday in Miami to find out the severity of the player's injury after he collided with Luis Montes in Saturday's 3-1 loss to Mexico in Arlington, Tex.   

    The doctor stated that the player suffered a "direct trauma to the knee area and hyperextension".  He also stated that the player is currently suffering pain in "distal portion of the lateral collateral ligament".   Castillo's knee is currently iced and heavily braced and Ecuador will await the results of  tests that he will undergo. 

    The initial Lachman's drawer test came out negative, medial drawer test was also negative and did not cause pain.  Meanwhile what worries the medical staff is the positives that emerged in the valgus test as well as the posterior Lachman's test.  These results gave for confirmation of potential damage to the to the areas where Castillo was feeling pain. 

    The initial prognosis on Castillo was that he suffered a partial tear to his ACL after that match.  At this stage we will have to wait to see what the studies find and what the recovery time would eventually be.  Until then, let the speculation continue to roll in. 

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