OFFICIAL:  Segundo Castillo Out of World Cup 

by Juan Arango on May.31.2014
  1. Segundo Castillo's clash with Luis Montes was one of the most gruesome images of the day as Savage Saturday came to a close having four more players added to the list of World Cup non-participants. 

    There was a great deal of angst from the Mexican camp after Montes suffered his tibia and fibula fracture; Castillo was diagnosed with a torn ACL and he will be missing the World Cup as well.  

    Ecuador coach said that Montes' challenge was "imprudent".  "I didn't see (the play) but I believe there was a bit of precipitation in that 50/50 ball," said Rueda. "It's unfortunate that this occurs because it is now a streak of two or three World Cups in which national teams lose important players."

    Castillo's injury was reported by Cancha Ecuador when it was diagnosed officially that he had a complete tear of the ligament.  At the end of the match, there was an initial prognosis of a partially torn cruciate ligament, but the severity of it was not known until the player arrived at a local hospital in Dallas minutes after the incident occurred.  

    Castillo is the second injury of note on the Ecuadorian national team after Jayro Campos suffered his just a few months before. 

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