Scolari Allows Players to Have Sex During World Cup

by Juan Arango on Apr.08.2014
  1. On Monday, Scolari announced that he would allow his players to have sex during the World Cup. Scolari also added a disclaimer to that allowance. No acrobatics was the theme of this topic for the World Cup-winning coach. 

    "Sex before matches? If it is normal, yes," said Scolari in a press conference in Portugal. "If done 'normally'. (But) there are certain ways to do it that are acrobatic and that will tire you." 

    This was asked as there are renovations that were done at the Brazil training camp over at Granja de Comary in the town of Teresópolis-RJ. Part of those renovations include accommodations for family members.

    This is the opposite approach of what Bosnian coach Safet Susic will permit. Susic made it clear the moment his squad qualified that he aligns with what Rocky Balboa's trainer, Mickey Goldmill, said in Rocky I- "Women Weaken Legs".  

    Brazil will kick off the World Cup on June 12th when they face Croatia in São Paulo followed by Mexico in Fortaleza on the 17th and Cameroon six days later in Brasilia.   

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