Suazo Injury Could Keep Him Out Of World Cup

by Juan Arango on Jan.15.2014
  1. It was confirmed on Wednesday that ace Chilean goalscorer Humberto Suazo will undergo shoulder surgery after the injury he suffered in last week's practice prior to the match against Puebla this past weekend.  The injury will have him out of action for approximately four months, according to a report from Chilean daily La Tercera.

    The Chilean national team star went to see specialist Edgar Salazar Chavira and the doctor said that the damage done to the shoulder requires "immediate surgery," based on the tests and evaluation done to Suazo's left shoulder on Tuesday. The severity of the injury was also attributed to a previous incident back in 2010 where he almost missed the World Cup, but in his recovery he developed post-traumatic arthritis. The player is scheduled to undergo surgery sometime next week.   

    This is definitely a huge blow for Rayados as they will miss out of one of their most lethal targets up top.  Coach José Guadalupe Cruz commented after the news broke, saying that Monterrey lost a leader.  "He was an example, he's 34 years old and was running around like a youngster," said Cruz. 

    What is worse for the player is that he could miss out on the World Cup as his rehabilitation stint would leave him with little time to get in form for the tournament.  

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