No Explosives Found After Bomb Threat Paralyzed Manaus Prior to ENG v ITA

by Leigh Teschner on Jun.14.2014
  1. A suspicious vehicle has been removed from the outskirts of the Arena de Amazonia in Manaus after a bomb threat mobilized military police.

    A spokesman of the military police revealed that there was no bomb aboard the vehicle. Authorities suspected the presence of gunpowder on the vehicle's tires after a K-9 dog led them there.

    What is hard to believe is that military police were investigating a security car that belongs to a private agency hired for the World Cup. The theory is that the same security officers who were driving the car this morning had to change a flat tire the night before. Since they had carried weapons, traces of gunpowder could have ended on the tires.

    After the vehicle was removed from the scene, it was confirmed that no explosives were found.

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