by Leigh Teschner on Sep.26.2013
  1. Federico and his younger brother Gonzálo Higuaín are both feeling inspired and are enjoying the best moment of their careers. Gonzálo left Real Madrid to become an instant hit in Naples, while Federico is having the time of his life in America after having bad luck with several teams in Argentina.

    In an interview for the Argentine sports journal Olé, Federico Higuaín spoke about everything from MLS and life in America, to the recent moment of Argentina's national team and his brother's early success in Napoli.

    Higuaín said to be delighted in his new team and that he's excited about fighting for a spot in the MLS playoffs. The fact that he has played in every single game since he arrived and that he was given the opportunity to be the team's captain also has him very happy, sensing that the club is also enjoying having him there.

    The Argentine reporters, miles away and disinterested from the league asked Higuaín about MLS to what the Columbus Crew captain had nothing but good things to say.

    "There is a reason for class players like Henry, Di Vaio, Nesta, and Beckham to come play here. It is a very competitive league despite only being 19 years old. It has grown progressively and it is now the 4th top sport in the country."

    It is a league that grows thanks to the Latino players, anticipated the reporter... to what Higuaín quickly reacted by defending his American teammates affirming that they have great talent and making note of the USMNT's great run in the WC qualifiers.

    Higuaín recognized that the fact that he is Argentine has made fans in Columbus compare him to Guillermo Barros Schelotto and said to be amazed on how well they remember him. Just like Schelotto did in his time, the star of the Crew is enjoying his peaceful life in America.

    "The economical factor is the least interesting thing about playing in the US, this is a country where it is nice to live and have your kids grow. It is safe and I only have to think about playing soccer."

    The interview concluded with Federico discussing his brother's present at Napoli where the former Real Madrid striker feels very comfortable and valued. The Columbus Crew captain also said that carrying his brother's name has not been extra pressure, but an honor.

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