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The Italian Jackie Robinson

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The Italian Jackie Robinson by Leigh Teschner
  1. Racism is too common in Italy. Incidents like the one Boateng suffered in January when he was target of racist chants in a friendly, or the recent case of Inter Milan fans displaying bananas on the stands to insult Balotelli, are evidence of Italy's current lack of racial culture. Can you imagine such racist acts occurring in the US today? Racism in America is not a thing of the past, as it is still an issue that affects our society, but I think we have moved on enough that racist behavior is absolutely restricted in sporting events. Childish racist behavior like the displaying of bananas to offend a human being is not likely to happen in America. However, it was not always like this.

    As Jackie Robinson played a great role in the US Civil Rights Movement, Mario Balotelli has a great responsibility and the opportunity to help change the unacceptable strong presence of racism in Italian soccer.
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