Mesi Snacks - The New Indonesian Junk Food

by Leigh Teschner on Feb.22.2013
  1. The name Messi sells, but apparently the name Mesi with one S can sell as well. Lately, Messi has become the advertising face of more and more products. However, some are not willing to pay for the copyrights like this Indonesian company which  renamed one of their snacks to Mesi to attract more customers. By leaving out the second S in Messi, they left no ground for legal debate in regards to copyright infringement.

    The package has a cartoon of a boy doing a bicycle kick wearing the Barcelona colors and it reads Mesi above it. Just below the word Mesi, it also says 'Kentang Goreng', which means french fries in Indonesian.

    It must be just a big coincidence, right?


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