Phone App Revolutionizes Soccer Fan Experience

by Leigh Teschner on Jul.23.2013
  1. Through the use of an app, fans from a club in Tunisia managed to create the atmosphere of a fully packed stadium despite it being completely empty due to the ban lifted on fans in the North African country. Two years after the insurgence of the Arab Spring, violence is still a major issue in the region forcing restrictions on citizens, one being that there are no fans allowed in stadiums.

    The club C.S. Hammam-Lif were in serious relegation danger for what a group of fans had the innovative idea of creating a phone app that allowed the home players to feel the support of 93,100 fans, who from the comfort of their homes were able to make an incredible amount of noise at the empty stadium. But how was this possible?

    The app created by a tech company in Tunisia called Memac Ogilvy Label works the following way. Forty speakers were set up around the field, which reproduced the noise each fan chose to make by tapping on their phone's screen. The app gave fans several options like clapping, blowing a horn, chanting, and of course yelling a goal in unison. The more tapping each fan provided, the more noise in the stadium.

    The app was introduced in the third-to-last crucial game of the season when C.S. Hammam-Lif faced a win-win situation in order to remain in Tunisia's 1st division. The app was a total success as Stade Tunisien fell victims of the intense support from the absent fans. C.S. Hammam-Lif's victory allowed them to escape from the relegation zone by 4 points proving that fan support is key in inspiring footballers to perform at their best.

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