Ronaldinho ruins Palmeiras 100th anniversary

by Leigh Teschner on Aug.27.2014
  1. Today, Palmeiras celebrates 100 years of existence. To commemorate their centennial, the club had everything set to present Ronaldinho wearing the number 100 jersey in front of an elite group of club members and other distinguished guests at a banquet that was scheduled as part of the festivities.


    However, the player would never arrive after his brother frustrated the deal minutes before the transfer window in Brazil closed.

    A couple hours before the banquet, club president, Paulo Nobre, made sure every media outlet in Brazil was aware that the negotiations had failed sending a press release through internet, radio, and TV to avoid a tense climate at the banquet.

    What was supposed to be a festive event turned into disappointment. Many even left the banquet angry at Nobre feeling he had raised false expectations on Ronaldinho joining Palmeiras.

    Ronaldinho's brother and Palmeiras VP had agreed the terms of the contract earlier on Tuesday and the news had spread that the Brazilian international would join the club the day of their 100th anniversary. As part of the deal, Ronaldinho would earn 20% of the ticket sales on games he'd appear plus 30% of all jersey sales.

    Everything was fine, until the player's brother pushed the limits a little further. He later asked for 20% from the net income on tickets sales, a request that irritated Nobre to the point of ending negotiations.

    The transfer window in Brazil is now closed for what Ronaldinho will have to find a new home outside of his country or wait until December to sign for a new club.

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