Super Mario's Majestic Dominance of the Piano

by Leigh Teschner on Aug.05.2013
  1. It is well known that Mario Balotelli is very proud of being Italian. What we didn't know is that he has been practicing playing the Italian anthem on the piano for some time now. A video of Balotelli playing the piano for Andrea Pirlo is now circulating in YouTube. Super Mario majestically performed the anthem in front of a small crowd and had everyone shocked.

    Balotelli continues to surprise us, revealing his softer side with moments like this.

    Italy has been the birthplace of great footballers, legendary composers, and a heritage of top chefs. Super Mario has proved capable of doing two things Italians are recognized for. Will he come up with a cooking video next? We wouldn't be surprised...

    When he was done playing, Balotelli looked up to Pirlo and said to him, "you know I can also do this standing on my feet?"

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