Twitter reacts to Germany's massacre of Brazil at the Mineirao Stadium

by Leigh Teschner on Jul.08.2014
  1. Never in the history of the World Cup has a team taken a five goal lead in just thirty minutes of play. This is without a doubt, the worst humiliation in the history of Brazilian soccer.

    Twitter has reacted to the scandalous match we have witnessed in which Germany crushed Brazil 7-1 at the Mineirao Stadium in Belo Horizonte.

    Let's begin with these pre-game wishes from Toronto FC.

  2. But wishes are just that...

    The Germans reacted proudly after they took a four-goal lead. They too couldn't believe what was happening.

  3. Then came all the expected tweets mocking the World Cup hosts.

  4. Andre Schurrle made it 6-0 and the Seattle Seahawks took note of it.

  5. And the seventh goal came along...

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