Toluca Head Coach Accuses San Jose of Being Tall

by Luke James on Mar.12.2014
  1. In a bizarre post game conference, following his team’s CONCACAF CL 1-1 tie at Buck Shaw Stadium, Toluca head coach Jose Saturnino Cardozo (6’ 0”) accused San Jose of being tall.

    Wearing an expensive suit and looking less than cheerful, Cardozo said that Toluca had a team on the field but that San Jose just had a lot of tall players who were shooting at the goal.

    Answering questions via a translator, he repeated three times that San Jose were really tall, big players.

    But he did concede that #16 for San Jose, Alan Gordon (6’ 3”) the scorer of San Jose’s goal, had a good performance … even though he was a very tall player.

    San Jose head coach Mark Watson (6’ 1”) said Cardozo’s (6’ 0”) statements were his opinion and he had no comment to make about them.

    Perhaps San Jose’s recent signing of Portuguese star Yannick Djalo (5’ 7”) will go some way towards easing tension in the international soccer tall wars.

    Toluca (average height 5’ 9”) face San Jose (average height 6’ 0”) at Nemesio Diez Stadium, (8,793 ft) on March 19 in the CONCACAF Champions League quarter final second leg.

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