Daniel Levy Wants Jürgen Klopp for Spurs

by Mark Finlay on Apr.15.2014
  1. As we all know, despite Tim Sherwood currently being the manager at White Hart Lane, it’s no secret that he is going to be replaced at the end of the season.

    The man thought to have already tied down the job is Netherlands national team coach Louis van Gaal, whose exciting career in soccer management has already seen him coach at Ajax, Barcelona, AZ, and Bayern Munich.

    According to the Dutch press Spurs chairman Daniel Levy met with him recently to discuss the job.

    The British daily tabloid The Sun has in its Tuesday morning edition said that Levy has now lined up Borussia Dortmund trainer Jürgen Klopp to take over from Sherwood at the end of the season.

    Manchester United is also said to be considering the tough talking German as a replacement for David Moyes with some of the hierarchy at the club not sure if Moyes is the right man to be given $300 million to spend on new players.

    Before anyone gets carried away with the idea of Klopp coming in to save them, you must remember that he is already the boss at one of the biggest clubs in Germany, and do you believe he would leave the Bundesliga and their nice winter break for United or Tottenham when neither of them will be playing Champions League football next season?

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