Mario Balotelli Blows Up During Post Game Interview

by Mark Finlay on Apr.26.2014
  1. AC Milan striker Mario Balotelli lost his temper yesterday while being interviewed on Sky Italia following his club's 2-0 away loss at AS Roma criticizing soccer pundits Zvonimir Boban and Giancarlo Marocchi.

    The 23-year-old striker was substituted by Coach Clarence Seedorf after a poor display in the Olympic Stadium with the pair arguing with each other during the match and when during the interview he snapped at Juventus title winner Marocchi saying: "You don't understand anything about football."

    Then when former AC Milan and Croatian midfielder Boban called his performance shameful Balotelli replied: “You always talk about me. When Milan win Mario's great, but when Milan lose it's all Mario's fault."

    "I don't need your criticism, I criticize myself."

    Boban said that from what he saw of the match Balotelli was not a top player.

    "I never said I'm a top player," added Balotelli. "I am a perfectly normal player, it's you that say I am an exceptional player, you always expect me to score five goals a game.

    "You always talk and talk, but there's no point to saying any of these things. No point at all."

    Balotelli then took out his earpiece and left.

    Saturday morning when speaking to radio Deejay about the game and Mario’s part in it Marocchi said: “We often try to talk about football, watch and comment on the games. But when a performance is bad, it’s bad, so the questions have to be asked.

    “Balotelli is a big problem for Milan and will be for the Nazionale too. I would've liked him to reply by telling me he does move off the ball, but instead he chose an insult. Those close to him ought to show Balotelli how other forwards really move. He should have the humility to do that.

    “He thinks that with four goals he has suddenly resolved all his problems. I am above all sorry for his teammates. Balotelli played badly, that’s the issue here. He has to understand he’s got to do more for his teammates.

    “Milan have given up on trying to deal with Balotelli. Like this the only one benefiting from the situation is Balotelli’s bank account,” concluded Marocchi.

    Arsenal have been linked with Balotelli in the past, but it is hard to imagine anyone never mind Arsene Wenger trying to cope with a player who needs round the clock attention.

    You can watch the interview here, but be warned it is in Italian.

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