According to Pele, Brazil Lacks a ''Big'' Star

by Paulo Freitas on Apr.24.2014
  1. Pele recently stated that there is no big star on the Brazilian National Team for the 2014 World Cup despite the fact that Neymar is widely regarded as such.

    The three-time World Cup champion attended a conference on sporting management in Sao Paulo, where he talked about the Brazilians. The former Santos player told reporters: "We don't have a big star that we can say 'this one is missing on the team'. We talk about Neymar but this is his first World Cup. 

    "But as a team, this is the first time in history that we are better in defense than in attack. Brazil has always been the team that wins, that scores goals, that has the goalscorers. It's the first time we have difficulty finding strikers.

    "There are various players that I would like to see in the squad but the team has been set up very well, with just some problems in attack."

    Pele also talked about Diego Costa's decision to play for Spain, saying, "He was Brazilian and naturalized Spanish. Diego Costa was doing very well, was called up but decided to play for Spain. He would have been a great addition to Brazil. We have good players but he is ready since he plays in Europe."

    Pele is concerned about Neymar's situation too, stating that, "It's never good to get injured. The fact that he will be rested has little sense, as we don't know how long he will be out. But the best thing for him was leaving Santos.

    "Neymar moved to a more competitive football. He's accused of diving all the time but the experience he is getting will be excellent for the National Team. But we can't carry all the World Cup burden alone as if whether he plays or not was definitive. We can't be like that."

    The World Cup starts in less than two months when Brazil debuts against Croatia and by then it will be clear if Pele's fears are justified or not.

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