Neymar Plans to Retire at Santos

by Paulo Freitas on May.12.2014
  1. Barcelona star Neymar has reaffirmed that he intends to end his career at his former team Santos, but he has not ruled the possibility of playing for other Brazilian clubs.

    The winger talked with fans and press via the internet, Neymar also used the opportunity to explain why he left Santos to play for Barcelona.

    When asked about his decision to leave Santos last year to join the Catalan club, Neymar said: "It wasn't just about the money, that's not why I left, I wanted to live a dream, play other competitions, play the Champions League, grow, evolve, learn another language, that's what motivated me to come to  the European continent."

    The young star was also asked about the possibility of playing for different teams than Santos if he returns to Brazil in the future, he said: "This is  something to think about, I want to play for another team in Brazil, it wouldn't be a problem to sit down and hear an offer.

    "The club can be from São Paulo, from Rio de Janeiro or from any other state of Brazil, the only that is certain is that I will end my career at Santos."

    Neymar's current contract with Barcelona ends in 2018, when he will be only 26 years, so the former Santos player has a long time to decide his long term future before even considering a return to Brazilian football.

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