Ronaldo Injured Nine Minutes Into Real Madrid's Match at Valladolid

by Pavel Ibarra Meda on May.07.2014
  1. Real Madrid has received a huge blow this Wednesday at Valladolid in the pending La Liga fixture that Los Blancos had to play. Cristiano Ronaldo stepped off the field with what appears to be a muscular injury. The Portuguese player was replaced by Spaniard striker Alvaro Morata on the ninth minute of play. His facial expression was clear, Ronaldo was upset about the necessary substitution.

    The first reports on the incident say that it is not a serious injury. However, some Spaniard journalists are frightened of a possible knee problem that Ronaldo has been dragging since March. We'll have to wait for further reports on Ronaldo's injury after the game against Valladolid. It's impossible to know if Ronaldo could miss the Champions League Final due to this setback but it's still unlikely.

    Ronaldo has been Real Madrid's best player throughout the season, managing to score up to 50 goals in all competitions despite being injured for a fair part of the year. His physical problems have mostly been muscular but reports state that he also went through a minor knee injury that was treated by Real Madrid's medical staff immediately after it was detected

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