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Chivas began their campaign to avoid relegation by splitting points with Chiapas after playing out a 1-1 draw at the Omnilife Stadium.
Chivas lets win slip away, share points with Chiapas in Apertura debut 
Chivas 1-1 Jaguares

Chivas began their campaign to avoid relegation  by splitting points with Chiapas after playing out a 1-1 draw at the Omnilife Stadium. 

In a match that saw the debut of Fernando Arce, Angel Reyna and David Toledo with the Chivas jersey, along with the return of former club idol Carlos Salcido, the Guadalajara club set out to begin the tournament with the first of many wins that the club  is hoping for. 

However, despite being the away team, it would be Chiapas who would take the protagonist role for the most part of the match. After a few early attempts that were easily cleared away, Chiapas appeared to have opened the scoreboard with a phenomenal bicycle kick by Vicente Matias Vuoso; however his beautiful goal would be offset rightfully due to offside in the 28th minute. 

Despite their attempts to take possession of the ball, the visitors continued to dominate; coming close once again in the 31st minute after a Franco Arizala shot from the edge of the box was deflected by Salcido before smashing into the crossbar. 

Chivas continued to fight their way into the match but generating few plays. But one free kick was all they needed to get things going. 

Making his debut, Arce was the man in charge of taking the spot kick for Chivas, putting the ball over the wall and into the back of the net after the Chiapas goalkeeper, Cesar Lozano attempted to guess the direction of the ball only to then be unable to trackback in time. 

Having taken the 1-0 lead, Chivas was still unable to halt a Chiapas side that continued to dictate the match; coming once again close to getting  their goal but a miss by Vuoso and an athletic save by Antonio Rodriguez ensured that Chivas would take the lead into halftime. 

The second half kicked off with the home team allowing Chiapas to move around more freely in midfield, while looking to capitalize on a counterattack from the back as Reyna came close to giving Chivas their second goal. 

However, despite Reyna's impressive offensive display, Chiapas were also able to generate danger of their own, forcing the Chivas keeper into two successive saves to prevent the equalizer. 

Omar Bravo, Chivas' all-time leading goalscorer, had the opportunity to double the club's lead after Reyna's long-distance shot was parried away by Lozano straight at him. Shockingly, Bravo was unable to send the rebound into the back of the net as Lozano managed to make another sublime block. 

The visitors would soon make Chivas pay for their miss five minutes later as former Chivas forward, Julio Navas, struck a blistering shot in the edge of the box after a one-two play with Vuoso; sending the ball to crash in the bottom post and into the back for the equalizing goal. 

The team led by Carlos Bustos appeared to fade as the match went on after having given up their lead, being saved numerous times by their young keeper as Chiapas looked to make a complete comeback. 

With Reyna being their only offensive outlet, making several attempts on goal, the former Veracruz player was able to intercept the ball in the visitors half, serving up Bravo with a one-on-one play against Lozano. 

Shockingly yet again, Bravo was unable to get on the scoresheet as his attempt was cleared away by Lozano's foot. He made amends for his mistake in the first goal of the match,

The match would see a few more attempts on goal by Reyna but the score would remain the same.

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