Crew Player Celebrates Goal by Eating Pizza

by Andrew Jones on Sep.22.2013
  1. A delightful Samba dance, wearing a mask that you got from near your crotch, and doing acrobatic flips in the air are among the numerous ways soccer players have celebrated scoring goals throughout the history of the sport. Columbus Crew forward Dominic Oduro has added his own unique, or bizarre, celebration to the list. 

    Oduro played a key factor in the Crew's 3-0 win over the Chicago Fire Saturday evening with a quality goal in the 15th minute. After the fine finish, Oduro proceeded to walk over passed the corner kick spot and at the sign barrier to what turned out to be a Crew employee holding a pizza box. 

    The Ghanian then decided he would do something that the game of soccer may have never seen before in its long, global history: Oduro celebrated his goal by eating pizza from that very box. Here is the clip below: 
  2. Oduro may have been motivated to do this because he is actually a local spokesperson of "Papa John's Pizza" in Columbus and has delivered pizzas to people's homes this past June. And Oduro makes it well known on his Twitter bio that he loves "God, My Family, My Country, Papa John's Pizza and Fried Rice." After just taking a few bites, he proceeded to give the rest of the pizza to a fan (no word on if that fan actually finished eating the pizza Oduro took a bite of). 

    Meanwhile, Federico Higuain and Bernardo Anor scored the other goals in the second half to give the Crew a vital three points and be just one point behind the Chicago Fire, who have 39 points. Both teams are chasing the New England Revolution for the fifth and final spot in the Eastern Conference, as they defeated D.C. United 2-1 to reach 40 points for the season.  

    But everyone in MLS and throughout the world will be chasing Oduro in the category of most bizarre goal celebration ever from now on out. 

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