Di Canio's Policy Bans Phones, Ketchup, Singing

by Andrew Jones on Aug.16.2013
  1. If you thought the stringent regime of Paolo Di Canio's early Sunderland tenure already reached its peak, you'll have to think again. 
  2. The Italian manager has revealed ahead of their Premier League opening match against Fulham that he has banned a number of items in order to transform the club's mentality. 

    "We need to have lectures about why we can’t have every day things like mayonnaise, ketchup and coke," he said in his Friday's pre-match press conference. “They can cause chemical problems to the liver, to the stomach. If you have ice with coke you can have indigestion. I know players who’ve had ice with their coke the night before a game and then couldn’t play. Even coffee can be a problem. You can have one when you get up, but not an hour before you go out training or playing. We give the players diet sheets to follow." 

    This is just the latest example of Di Canio showing no hesitance in establishing dominion over his new players. Despite Sunderland avoiding relegation last season after the former West Ham player replaced Martin O'Neil in March, Di Canio demanded that his players stay a week after the season for extra work instead of going right to vacation. He also dished out seven fines to players that amounted to two weeks' wages for what he labeled as "silly things." 

    Now the fiery personality wows to even cause damage to his player's smart phones if they bring their cell phone. 

    “We’ve focused on changing the whole dressing-room environment," he said. "Imagine if for years your habit is to use the phone when you’re having a massage on the bed, even one minute before going out to train? For 25 days I accepted this, because my first priority was to work on the field. However, I’ve said that from now on if someone comes inside with a mobile phone, even in their bag, I’ll throw it in the North Sea. They’re banned." 

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