Klinsmann happy for Last 16 berth but wants more from the USMNT

by Soccerly on Jun.26.2014
  1. Things didn't go as expected for Jürgen Klinsmann and the USMNT at the last match of Group G against Germany in which they lost 1-0 and came very close to elimination due to Ghana's effort against Portugal. Despite the defeat, German coach Jürgen Klinsmann was excited for the team's qualification but he confessed they obviously wanted to tie the game at least. 

  2. "It's huge. It's huge. Obviously, we wanted at least a tie out of the game, but maybe in the beginning we had a bit too much respect, but then more and more we got into the game -- we should have created a bit more chances, that's really something that we have to improve on, but, overall, tremendous energy, tremendous effort from the whole side, and it's huge. It's huge for us getting out of this group. Everybody said you have no chance. We took that chance and we move on and now we really want to prove a point."

    -jurgen klinsmann-

  3. About the game's development, Klinsmann analyzed the team's energy by stating that: "It's difficult to say, you know. I don't want to put too much into it. I think the energy was great, the commitment was great, we should have had a little bit more possession to help with creating more chances, but maybe we'll keep that for the next one." Said Klinsmann at field level right after the final whistle.

  4. For the most important and difficult match of the USMNT, Klinsi explained the modifications he made in the starting XI.

  5. "We needed a bit of freshness there, that's why Brad Davis came in for Alejandro Bedoya and Omar got his chance from the beginning on. We go now in a three-/four-days rhythm. We need every player to be in our squad to get through the tournament. This is a huge, huge step, and now we can't wait for the round of 16."

    -jurgen klinsmann-

  6. Another one of the main topics at field level was the overall good performance of goalkeeper Tim Howard, who held the Germans with a good number of saves that kept the team alive throughout the whole match, Klinsmann gave Howard the recognition he deserved: "Timmy's one of our big shots. Hes our leader, he keeps everybody together, and, obviously, we need him right now. In a World Cup, if you want to go far, you need one of the best goalkeepers in the world, and we have that one."

  7. Despite accepting he was satisfied with the ticket to round of 16, Klinsmann demanded more from his players by calling them up to do better: "We can still do better. We got through the group, but we have to do better in the round of 16, and we will do better." He finished.

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