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Foursquare, Tumblr, Tinder and Google+ have joined the Social Network Football League
New teams join the Social Network Football League
New clubs added to the Social Network Football League

Just like MLS, the Social Network Football league has suffered a rapid expansion. 

Following the success of the eight clubs that inaugurated the league, our sister site has just unveiled 7 new members that promise to take the competition to the next level. 

Let's take a look at the newcomers: 


Reddit, Social Network Football League

The most consistent team in all the league, this ten year old club prides itself in being a trendsetter. Reddit FC has a strict honesty policy with its fans. The organization is famous for its monthly ´AMA´ (ask me anything) sessions with their supporters.

Founded: 2005

President: Steve Huffman

Based in: Medford, Massachusetts

Fan base: 178 million

Fact: President Barack Obama, Harrison Ford and Bill Gates are past participants of their AMA supporters sessions. 


Vine, Social Network Football League

No other club has been able to ´steal´ so many followers from other teams as Vine FC has done since its inception in 2013.

Fans love the squad's fast and colorful attack. Most of their goals stream from short plays around the box.

Vine's stars are witful and creative, and have a huge following outside the field.

Founded: 2013

President: Don Hofmann

Based in: San Francisco, California

Fan base: 50 million

Fact: It shares the same owners than Twitter FC


Foursquare, Social Network Football League

Wherever you are you can always find a Foursquare FC fan. Supporters of this club tend to be hard to please and they always share their critical opinion of the team´s performance after every match.

Founded: 2009

President: Dennis Crowley

Based in: New York, NY

Fan base: 55 million

Fact: It invented the bragging ´check-in´ trend in football stadiums

google +

Google +, Social Network Football League

Google decided it needed a football club to be on par with its competitors. Enter Google+ FC, the club with most haters in the entire league.

No one really knows how it keeps it´s stadium filled night after night, but the club won´t go out without a fight.

Founded: 2001

President: Larry Page

Based in: Mountain View, California

Fan base: 300 million

Fact: The club´s supporters group is called ´The Loners´ because almost 43% of their followers are single.


Tumblr, Social Network Football League

Tumblr FC is one of the league's longtime underdogs. Their predictable attacking formation and lack of a versatile defense has earned them a permanent place in the bottom of the standings.

Founded: 2007

President: David Karp

Based in: New York, NY

Fan base: 230 million

Fact: Taylor Swift is the most famous member of their supporters group ´The Undercats´.


Tinder, Social Network Football League

Founded: 2012

President: Sean Rad

Based in: West Hollywood, California

Fan base: 50 million

Fact: Fans attend speed dating tailgate parties before every home match

Without a doubt Tinder FC is the hottest club in the league right now. Not only are they known for their scoring proficiency, but their ´swipe right´ attacking system is being studied by other clubs so they can start implementing it in their own offense.

Tinder FC´s supporters group is called ´The Burning Reds´. They have chapters in 30 countries and most of the members are single. 


Waze, Social Network Football League

Founded: 2008

Presidents: Uri Levine, Ehud Shabtai, Amir Shinar

Based in: Palo Alto, California

Fan base: 50 million

Fact: Each new member of the team gets an id number in the form of a license plate.

Waze FC fans always know the direction their club will take each offseason. The organization has a one billion dollar budget, making it one of the most promising squads in the league.

Players of Waze FC are famous for having the ability to outsmart referees and avoid traffic jams in midfield by always targeting open spaces along the sideline. 

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