Orlando City schedule press conference to announce Kaka signing

by Soccerly on Jun.30.2014
  1. Orlando City are setting the stage for a massive welcome for Brazilian striker Ricardo Kaka who will be announced as the team's first designated player at a press conference on Tuesday morning.

    AC Milan announced on Monday that they had terminated their contract with Kaka by mutual agreement

    Kaka has been tied with the future MLS club since the club was unveiled as a league expansion team in 2013. According to reports by the Orlando Sentinel, Kaka and MLS finalized the deal a couple of days ago with the player agreeing to a six-month loan to his home club Sao Paulo before he joins his new club for the 2015 season.

    The team is encouraging fans to welcome their 'special guest' at the airport  on Monday at 6:15pm local time. 

    Tuesday's press conference is scheduled for 10:00am local time.

    Update: Reports from the Orlando Airport say that Kaka's plane has landed with hundreds of fans awaiting for his appearance.     

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