Pele Doesn't Trust Neymar to be Brazil's Leader for World Cup

by Soccerly on May.08.2014
  1. Ex-Brazilian player Edson Arantes do Nascimento, better known simply as 'Pelé' has said that he was satisfied with the 23 players called up by Brazil manager Felipe Scolari for the 2014 World cup, although he admitted that personally he would have chosen a midfielder with experience such as Kaká or Robinho.

    "I think that Scolari has done well. He was coherent and there have not been any surprises. But I do think that players with more experience, such as Robinho or Kaká, could be called up to form part of the group. But, in general, the right ones have been chosen", assured Brazilian football's most idolized football hero.

    'O Rei', however, also commented that Robinho, who was considered his successor at Santos, is not having a good time of it at Milan: "A lot more was expected of Robinho. He hasn't been the same as we saw at Santos or with his national team. It really was an unhappy surprise as there was the expectation that he would do a lot better. That said, even with the present level of world football, he is a player for the national team, any national team", he assured.

    Pelé added that, due to there not being a more experienced player, forward Fred, who played in the 2006 World Cup, could assume the role of leader during the tournament. "We can't think of Neymar as a leader. We will have to rely on Fred or Thiago Silva, who have more character", he pointed out.

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