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Social networks imagined as football clubs. This is how Facebook, Twitter and Youtube's jerseys would look like.
The Social Network Football League
Social Network Football League

Ever imagine what the jerseys of famous social networks would look like if they were soccer clubs?

Our sister site juanfutbol just released what they call the 'Social Network Football League' in which they imagine and design the crest and jerseys of some of the most popular web hangouts. But that´s not all, they also developed a full identity for each ´new club´ of what would be the EPL of web football leagues. 

Twitter FC

Twitter FC

Straight to the point. Twitter FC soars at the top of the league table as one of the strongest clubs thanks to their never ending stream of goals. Larry, their mascot, is the most iconic logo in the competition.

Founded: 2006

Valued at: 23 billion

President: Dick Costolo

Based in: San Francisco, California

Fan base: 284 million

Fact: Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Justin Beiber are among the club´s most famous supporters



Nicknamed ´The blues´, Facebook FC lacks a Jose Mourinho at the helm but they make do with the leadership of one Mark Zuckerberg. It is rumored the players are forced to wear gray t-shirts under their kits.

Founded: 2004

Valued at: 80 billion

President: Mark Zuckerberg

Based in: Silicon Valley, California

Fan base: 1,266 million

Fact: Facebook FC is the most popular club in the United States



Known for being the top promoters of the game changer play known as ´the selfie´, Instagram FC has one of the most diverse and faithful fan bases in the league.

Founded: 2010

Valued at: 35 billion

President: Kevin Systrom

Based in: Menlo Park, California

Fan base: 300 million

Fact: The majority of their fan base are women



With their recent commercial partnerships, Snapchat is on route to challenge for a top 3 spot in the league table, not to mention the average age of their supporters (15) assures them a faithful following in the years to come.

Founded: 2011

Valued at: 15 billion

President: Evan Spiegel

Based in: Venice, California

Fan base: 100 million

Fact: They are the most recent club to earn promotion into the Social Network Football League



Google recognized the potential of the SNFL and wanted desperately to enter the league with a strong player so it was no wonder it found a perfect match in Youtube FC with their more than 1 billion followers.

Founded: 2005

Valued at: 15 billion

President: Susan Wojcicki

Based in: San Bruno, California

Fan base: 1 billion

Fact: 78% of Youtube FC´s fans live outside the United States. 



Referred by their rivals as ´Hipster FC´, Spotify employs a distinctive financial model that looks to innovate how clubs and supporter groups decide the ongoings of the club. By acquiring an annual memberships, fans gain the right to pick which players should start each match.

Founded: 2008

Valued at: 5.7 billion

President: Daniel Ek

Based in: Stockholm, Sweden

Fan base: 60 million

Fact: Spotify FC only pays their footballers for the minutes they play.



Often referred as ´the people´s club´, the team´s PR department is one of the best in notifying fans of team news via their mobile phones.

Founded: 2009

Valued at: 16 billion

President: Jan Koum

Based in: Mountain View, California

Fan base: 400 million

Fact: Whatsapp FC, Instagram FC and Facebook FC are all owned by ´Timeline Sports Group´.



One of the youngest clubs to join the league. Pinterest FC is known for their organization skills on the field. While not as popular as other clubs, it enjoys a huge following of women thanks to their shared interest in design and fashion.

Founded: 2010

Valued at: 11 billion

President: Evan Spiegel

Based in: San Francisco, California

Fan base: 70 million

Fact: The club is famous for serving the best food at its concession stands thanks to the DIY recipes shared by their followers on its website. 

The Social Network Football League
Tinder, Foursquare, Tumblr and more join the Social Network Football League
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