Valdes Publishes Self-Help Book, Admits to Always Hating Playing Keeper

by Soccerly on Apr.24.2014
  1. Víctor Valdés is one of the most successful goalkeepers in football history, having won numerous trophies and personal accolades, including six league titles and three Champions Leagues with Barcelona, a World Cup and European Championship with Spain and five Zamora Trophies for the goalie with the best goals-to-game ratio in 'La Liga' (including four on the bounce).

    However, as he reveals in his new book, '#MÉTODOV' [#THEVMETHOD], as a kid he hated playing in goal and used to dread upcoming matches, feeling afraid to make mistakes and not enjoying his football: "I saw that when a teammate used to score, everyone went and celebrated with him, but if I let one in, everyone would criticize me. I wasn't happy. For 12 years I didn't like what I did - I hated it", he recounts.

    "I was the typical kid that people could see wasn't happy from a mile off. I never laughed or had fun playing football", he admits. However, Víctor's father and older brother saw that he had talent and forced him to persevere. 

    Though he nearly quit on several occasions, he eventually overcame his anxiety to establish himself in the Barça first team, where he has been part of the most glorious period in the club's history alongside Xavi, Iniesta and Messi.

    Written entirely by Valdés, his new book offers readers a simple eight-step method to overcome pressure and reach your life goals. These steps are based on the goalkeeper's own experiences, which helped him to face his fears and become what he is today.

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